How to Select Laminate Flooring for your Home

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Amtico Wood

Amtico Laminate Wood

Laminate flooring has been on the market for several years. Initially, it did not have the best reputation for flooring. Over the years though, it has become quite popular due to the improvement of the product.

Laminate flooring is composed of four different layers. The bottom layer is the support and backing. The second layer is a particle board or a high density fiber board. The third layer is an image of stone, or wood. Some companies, like Amtico, have such realistic planks that people often mistake it for real wood on first glance. The final layer is a protective layer. Some companies use a urethane finish to protect the flooring from scuffs of wear and tear.

Keep in mind that there are different thicknesses of laminate flooring on the market. The thicknesses range from 12mm to 6mm. The thickest version is 12mm, and provides the most sound absorption and solid feel under foot. The thinner the MM, the noisier it will sound.


  • Can be manufactured to resemble hardwood, or stone
  • Low maintenance, and can be cleaned or vacuumed easily
  • Comes in different price ranges from low-end to high-end
  • Easy to install
  • Scratch-resistant
  • Durable with varying warranties


  • Not real hardwood or stone, and not everyone will like that
  • Cannot be sanded or refinished to change the color, unlike wood
  • Can warp with moisture
  • Can sound hollow because of sound absorption
Amtico Stone

Amtico Laminate Stone

Amtico Abstract

Amtico Abstract Laminate

Consider laminate flooring when choosing new flooring for your home. It is a great product that has really evolved over the last few years. It can give you the look of stone or even hardwood without the maintenance that comes with it. Contact Signature Kitchen and Bath if you would like more information!

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