A Galley Sink to Simplify Your Life

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Galley Sink

 Signature Kitchen and Bath is proud to announce that we are dealers for The Galley Sink! This company produces the coolest sink on the market! They don’t produce your typical two or three basin sink. What they have created is a revolutionary product that combines function and beauty.

The Galley sink can help you prepare your favorite dishes with the use of an induction cooktop, or it can be transformed into a beautiful self-serve station to keep your beverages, fruit, and condiments cold.

The sink is large enough that two people can work in the area. One can prepare one dish, while another is working on another dish. You can design your Galley sink with a pull-out trash compartment, utensil holders, or large drawers for your pots and pans.

The Galley has some cool accessories that cut down on your mess and prep time. It comes with a colander, rinsing bowls, a drain rack, and cutting boards. All of these items can be used over the sink to cut down on clutter!

This sink has been featured in several national magazines, and is quickly grabbing the attention of people that are serious about cooking as well as families that want to make cooking easier. With an induction cooktop on one side of the sink, and a gas cooktop on the other you don’t have to turn your back to your family while preparing a meal.
Check out the video below so you can see just a few of the endless things you do with a Galley sink.

Check out the video to see what the Galley can do. We are exclusive dealers in the Rio Grande Valley so call (956)213-8090 for more information on this unique and awesome product!

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