LED Lighting for Your Kitchen or Bath

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Showroom featuring LED lighting

Galley Sink showroom featuring LED lighting

LEDs are not necessarily new. Many people have the technology in their televisions, but what about their home lighting? LEDs are becoming very popular in home lighting and it’s easy to see why. LED is an abbreviation for light-emitting diode.

This type of lighting can be an initial investment but the benefits are incredible. Residential LEDs last about 25 times longer than incandescent lamps and three times longer than CFLs (curlicue white light bulbs). LEDs don’t get hot like traditional lamps and are more efficient. Incandescent lamps release 90% of the energy as heat and the curlicue lamps can release up to 80% of their energy as heat.

LEDs do not burn out like traditional lamps. Instead, the diodes become dimmer over a very long period of time. The voltage needed to power LEDs is also low compared to traditional lighting. This allows you to save on your electricity bill every month because it takes less energy to power your LEDs.

LEDs don’t contain harmful chemicals like mercury which are found in the curlicue lamps. They also don’t emit UV rays that age your skin unlike the curlicue lamps.

LED lighting is the future, and is something that every homeowner should consider. Signature Kitchen and Bath is proud to design kitchens and bathrooms with LED lighting. We dedicate ourselves to providing innovative and sustainable products to the Rio Grande Valley.

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