Should you Reface your Kitchen Cabinets?

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SKB McAllen Kitchen Remodel in Weslaco, TX

SKB McAllen Kitchen Remodel in Weslaco, TX

Refacing cabinets is something that is still considered popular across America. After all, refacing promises you a new kitchen for a fraction of the cost of a full remodel. But is it always what it seems?

New Kitchen?

Refacing cabinets will not change the layout so if you have a poor kitchen layout that will stay the same. If you have poor storage, or the kitchen isn’t functional, a refacer won’t be able to correct that. If you buy new cabinets from a kitchen designer, they can use their design expertise to design you a beautiful and functional kitchen.

Money Saver

Kitchen refacers promise a new kitchen at a low cost. But compared to replacing your cabinets with custom-made cabinetry, the savings are not always so great. There is labor and materials to consider. If you decide to reface, the new stain will need to match the existing color, or go darker. You won’t be able to remove a dark stain and go with lighter. The refacer will need to sand your cabinets to remove the stain to get to the bare wood and then stain them. The stain has to be evenly applied so there aren’t blotchy doors. Then they have to apply a protective coating so the finish doesn’t wear off. With custom-made cabinets you don’t have to worry about that since the stains or paints are baked in.

Also, does your quote include installation of new backsplash, countertops, knobs and plumbing fixtures? What kind of warranty will the company provide? Many custom-made cabinet manufacturers offer a lifetime warranty and stand behind the warranty.

Be as informed as you can be when it comes to remodeling your kitchen. A small savings in the beginning could cost you more in the end when you have to start all over with your kitchen project.

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